Top 5 Home Buying Tips

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Buying a home, especially for first-time owners, can be stressful and confusing. These are just a few tips to help lessen the burden of buying a home.

  • Explore mortgage and down payment options

While it is common to put at least 20% down, many first-time homebuyers’ programs offer 3% down. This can increase mortgage insurance and other costs. However, exploring options through different banks, Federal Housing Administration loans, Veterans Affairs loans, and conventional mortgages can offer different payment options. It is important to start saving well in advance before buying a house in order to prepare for these down payments and extra costs.

  • Stick to your budget

Before starting the search for your dream home, it is helpful to know exactly how much you are looking to spend. Checking your credit report before beginning the process of buying a house can help prevent disappointment further in the process. Make sure to factor in other monthly expenses to ensure you do not take on a mortgage payment that you will not be able to afford.

  • Find the right agent

Finding the right real estate agent can be vital to finding and purchasing your dream home. Being able to get along and communicate well with the agent will help you during the process. The right agent should be knowledgeable of the area you want to live in and motivated to help you find the home of your dreams.

  • Know the neighborhood

Drive through the neighborhood at various days and times to check for traffic, noise, activity levels, and safety. Make sure to research nearby schools, even if you do not have or plan to have kids, because it can affect the value of the home and area. Research local safety or crime information and map to nearby amenities you may frequent.

  • Open Houses

Take advantage of any open houses you tour by paying attention to details, such as the overall condition of the house, smells or stains, or items that are broken or damaged. You should also be prepared with questions to ask about the home. These can include when the house was built, if there have been any upgrades or replacements, and information about how old systems such as air conditioning and heating are.

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